The most important advantage of Urban Tree Tops for any council is the possibility it presents of using the space currently vacant on city rooftops in a functional manner. Thorough research has enabled us to quantify the real benefits of The Urban Forest. Careful consideration can therefore be given to the question as to which funds can be made available for which purposes.

Building Managers and Development Companies

One of the advantages of Urban Tree Tops for those who are responsible for the construction and/or maintenance of rooftops is that it can be readily fitted to existing, new and recently renovated roofs. Urban Tree Tops is installed using self-supporting, root-containing planting elements which, during roof maintenance work for example, can be temporarily dismantled without having to also deal with substrates, plants or soil.

Private individuals

In the case of private individuals, Urban Tree Tops can be installed on any rooftop covering a total area of 6,25 m2 or more, without first having to install an new special root-barrier sub-surface. The planting area can be composed of almost any kind of plants and is completely self-sufficient in capturing and retaining rainwater so that you do not need to water it yourself (depending on type of plants). You could call it a kind of  ‘instant modular’ roof garden!

Fine Particulate Matter Concentration Map of The Netherlands 2008, (Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving 2009)

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