Validated and modelled

Urban Tree Tops is underpinned by extremely thorough scientific research.

The unique particle filtration mechanism of the small pines has been carefully examined and verified through wind tunnel testing. The particulate matter removal capacity of Urban Tree Tops is, as a result, scientifically proven, a first in the world of rooftop planting.

In relation to the planting of trees on rooftops, “more” does not always mean “better”. In the urban environment the design of Urban Tree Tops must take into account the geometry of the (surrounding) buildings, local population densities and any extra pollution arising from local traffic, for example.

A balance must be found in the design between air filtration and the flow of air through the city streets. When desired (not compulsory), 3D computer simulations can be used in order to determine the effects of Urban Tree Tops. Predictions can be made, in a scientifically responsible manner, about the particle filtration effect of Urban Tree Tops in several different situations, under various wind conditions and background particulate matter concentrations.

With the help of these 3D models the optimum number of trees, the specific manner of planting and the particle filtration effects can be determined before any actual planting takes place.

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