Tilburg City Council

In cooperation with the Tilburg City Council, preparations are already well underway for the first Urban Tree Tops. An Urban Forest will be planted at a prominent location in the city aimed at gaining some insight into the installation of Urban Tree Tops, how the trees will grow, how much water they need and how much of that water they will able to capture and retain themselves from rainwater. Urban Tree Tops will be set up in such a way that insights can be gained into the tree’s sensitivity to wind and shade conditions. In addition, thermal imaging will also be used to assess the temperature control mechanism.

Province of North Brabant

The province of North Brabant is committed to the improvement of air quality. However, any potential measure must be both scientifically researched and validated. Accordingly, the province is currently facilitating a project in which the air filtration capabilities of pine trees are being scientifically tested in wind tunnels.

Subsequently, the effectiveness of rooftop air filtration will be optimised using 3D computer programmes: how many trees need to be planted and in what kind of pattern? Using the most effective pattern, the tree’s actual particle concentration at surface level will be determined (this phase of the project is currently ongoing).

The project is being monitored by RIVM and Wageningen University.

Van Helvoirt Groenprojecten BV
Project partner.


Innovator and owner of Urban Tree Tops Concept and Urban Tree Tops Growing element, components and patent.

Équipe voor Architectuur en Urbanisme
Partner with Urban development, architecture and visualization of concepts.

Knooppunt Innovatief Groen
Knowledge broker in green innovations and development, including rooftops.


Partner in rooftop technologies.

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