The benefits of green

Urban green in municipal (public) areas fulfils many useful functions – a comfortable living environment, the creation of pleasant surroundings and trees that provide shade in the warm summer months.
It also has a pronounced effect on people’s physical and mental well-being. Green cleans the city’s air and provides space for Biodiversity. Its positive effects can also be seen in higher property values.
The Urban Tree Tops concept offers the opportunity to use the benefits of green rooftops in an innovative manner.
The functions of green in the city, just like in the forest

Urban Tree Tops have been developed in analogy with a real forest. There, the vast majority of biodiversity is to be found in the treetops because that is where the sunlight and food is most plentiful. Making space for biodiversity on the city’s rooftops makes Urban Tree Tops a concept in which nature has room to move. This gives the rooftops a brand new function as a location for ecological “corridors” in the sky (an Ecological “Elevated” Structure, or Ecological High Structure in 3 dimensions (EHS3)).
A forest also filters fine particulate matter in the canopy as that is where there is sufficient movement of air and natural filtering material. It is also the place where trees can capture sunlight and convert it into the energy they need in order to grow.
Urban Tree Tops simulates these conditions so that it too can carry the same functions, which leads to improvements in rain water retention, air filtering, cooling, biodiversity and savings on energy.
Why not a rooftop garden?
Rooftop gardens are of course also an option. However, their weight makes them unsuitable for most roofs. Maintenance of a rooftop garden can also be problematic: the (whole) roofgarden often has to be completely dismantled. Urban Tree Tops offers a solution to both of these problems with a lightweight green roof, consisting of a self-sustaining individual element which can be placed, and moved when needed.

Green outdoor space for relaxation and human contact

The concept of Urban Tree Tops

A biodiverse planted version of Urban Tree Tops, (EHS3)

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